Girl Band’s Daniel Fox collaborates with Emma Martin on Night Dances, premiering next month


Additional tickets for Night dances at the National Stadium in Dublin will go on sale tomorrow.

Night dances, a unique new show centered on four “dance poems that express the invisible energetic and connective tissue that unites us” will premiere at the National Stadium in Dublin in October. Created by dancer Emma Martin, the show will feature music by Daniel Fox of Girl Band.

After a preview on October 12, Night dances will take place at the National Stadium from October 13-16. There will also be a special live performance on October 15, and the show can be viewed on demand from October 16 to 23.

Presented by United Fall – renowned for its highly visual and atmospheric multidisciplinary work – and the Dublin Theater Festival, Night dances is composed of four poems: LOST BOY, GOD IS A DAUGHTER, RED and THE RAVER.

In a statement about the show, Emma Martin said she knows music has to be “raw and raw”.

“I first heard Girl Band in 2014 and I used to play some of their tracks in the studio as juice for dancers,” she recalls. “They sounded like a chainsaw fed through a wall of basins. Rough and Raw. I emailed Girl Band bassist and producer Daniel Fox. He created a new band for Night dances. A violent joy to dance.

“The ambition of this piece allows me to bring together strands of my previous work with young dancers and live music,” she continues. “It’s a collision of dance and live music in a visceral concert experience that feels a bit loud and daring.

“There are so many divisions in the world right now. And now we’re at a point where maybe empathy is the only thing that’s going to get us through. Night dances isn’t about something, it’s about something, and that intention is perhaps where a sort of “ceremony” feeling can hopefully be felt. What we want to leave behind and what we want to carry into the future. May the salt of our sweat unite us.

Additional tickets for the National Stadium shows go on sale tomorrow, September 15, at 3 p.m. – for € 20 at

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