Genre artist Blnko crosses pop-punk and hip-hop on new ‘Blinko-182’ EP


Artist Blnko named his new EP Blinko-182, in an obvious reference to blink-182, the famous pop-punk group that became entrenched in American culture in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Blnko, whose real name is Sergio Moraila Espinoza, is no stranger to pop culture references. A handful of his songs refer to famous people throughout history such as “Nosferatu”, “Naruto Flow” and “Drakula”.

Among all the references, the title Blinko-182 may be of the utmost importance, as the obvious pop-punk influence on the EP was inspired by the music Blnko listened to in his youth.

Blnko is a 23-year-old artist from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and is on the list of Universal Music Publishing Group, which released his single “Reggaetón Vampiro”, a track dangerously worthy of a headbang.

Under Universal, Blnko continued to record with his collective, Pinkface, and work with his own label, Fuimos Punks.

Blinko-182 was released on July 28 of this year via Fuimos Punks, and is Blnko’s debut EP following a string of singles released since 2018.

The EP carries multiple genre influences that evolve quickly and easily. Elements of pop-punk, hip-hop, emo and trap are incorporated throughout.

Blnko’s EP features moments of pop-punk melodies – like on the early tracks “Baby Tu UU” and “No Me Jodas Xd” – acting as callbacks when bands like blink-182 dominated the time. radio antenna.

The bygone era of pop-punk and the popularity of emo in mainstream rock inspired Blnko to inject a personal touch and update genres where he saw fit.

The middle part of Blinko-182 caters to the fusion of Blnko’s influences rather than statements about individual genres. For listeners with a particular interest in hip-hop, the closer EP “Morirm3 Temprano0” is recommended.

The rapper and singer uses a variety of descriptors to describe himself and his style, including “urbano post-kawaii” and “contenido emo-kawaii”.

“Kawaii” is a Japanese word that encompasses the country’s “culture of cuteness”, or the quality of something that is cute or worthy of worship.

Blnko said Noisy last year he hopes to focus on merging pop-punk, trap, emo and urban in his music in 2021. He explained contenido emo-kawaii as the fusion of the three.

Apart from vocals, Blnko plays guitar and bass, and has also worked on the audiovisual project Delikados Media.

Blnko’s introduction to music came in the unique form of the 2007 video game Guitar Hero III: rock legends.

Guitar Hero is a series of rhythm games where players have fun on a virtual stage. The third installment included rock classics like “Anarchy in the UK” by the Sex Pistols and “When You Were Young” by the Killers.

When Blnko’s dad saw him play video games, he suggested he play real guitar.

The musician got his start in music performing emo and pop-punk music in talent shows. He went on to record covers, spanning the emo band Neck Deep, the punk surname Green Day, Gorillaz and the music of Frank Iero.

Blnko explained in an interview with the blog Secuencias that his writing process is about the trials he faces and the moments in his life that he finds memorable.

In addition to the influences from which he drew inspiration for his EP, Blnko has incorporated other elements of reggaeton, lofi and rock into his larger catalog, which is of impressive sonic diversity.

Blinko-182 – an EP of just over 18 minutes over its six-song tracklist – is Blnko’s strongest statement on the genre.

Blnko hopes to portray through his music that there are no limits to the genre. Considering the achievement achieved with Blinko-182, Blnko already achieves this goal.

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