FRND CRCL pays tribute to outcasts in their new single ‘LIFEOFTHEPARTY’

Similar to the feeling I felt yesterday with The Terrys, FRND CRCL‘the new single’PARTY LIFE‘ is so much more than just a loud, frenetic, fast-paced pop punk song – in fact, the band itself Claim it’s more than a pop punk band – so what i said isn’t really true! To be honest, I really like the overall presentation of the song in how it features a solid slow build and cohesive instrumental structure throughout its two-minute, 26-second runtime.

The single’s vocals and lyrical prowess are also not to be overlooked, with the band’s shared backing vocals playing a significant role in the progression of LIFEOFTHEPARTY’s story. It’s the type of song that’s perfect for anyone who’s ever felt like an outcast. “For anyone who’s ever been to a party and thought what the hell am I doing here?” the band says of the song. “For anyone who has felt lonely in a room full of people. I hope this song speaks to you as it does to us.

Currently, I’m in the mood for some high-impact punk-rock music, and I think the new song above from the New Jersey quartet fits that bill nicely.

Unfortunately, living in Australia means it’s a bit difficult to catch the band live as they play shows from the 25th to the 27th in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. you better believe this is the type of group worth seeing live, which would showcase their strong cohesive structure as a group.

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