Former Girl Group Lead Singer and Current Musical Actress Challenges Defending Champion on “The King Of Mask Singer”

In the November 21 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” four contestants continued their quest to become the new champion.


The first match of Round 2 was between the lump sum payment and Camellia Flower. Lump Sum Payment sang Esther’s “Song Ae”, showing off her emotional voice. Camellia Flower sang “Like Someone in Legend” by Shin Seung Hoon and impressed with her high yet powerful voice. The lump sum payment moved on to the next round and Camellia Flower unmasked herself to reveal herself as RabidAnce member John Noh.

In the third round, Lump Sum Payment opposed Nice Shot, Boss, with Lump Sum Payment singing “One Woman” by Ben and Nice Shot, Boss singing “Knees” by IU. Defending champion Bear Paws said: “I’m nervous because these two competitors have things that I don’t have. I envy Lump Sum Payment’s crisp, crisp voice, while Nice Shot has a depth that I can’t express.

The lump sum won the third round, which meant she would challenge Bear Paws for the crown. Bear Paws sang Jungkey’s “Alone” and successfully defended the crown for the third time in a row with 20 votes to 1. Lump sum payment unmasked to reveal herself as the former lead singer of FIESTAR Linzy, who is currently active as ‘musical actress. (FIESTAR dissolved in 2018.)

Linzy said, “I really wanted to star in ‘The King of Mask Singer.’ Every time I did an interview I would mention this show as the one I wanted to appear on. It’s an honor to be here. joining FIESTAR, Linzy was an intern at YG Entertainment. Panelist Sandara Park said, “She was a 2NE1 intern with us and I apologize to her. She has grown so much. It’s been about 12 years since we met, and I am really sorry.

Linzy said, “I hope a lot of people will come and see my musical ‘Jack the Ripper’ and keep an eye on Linzy’s vocal range and diverse activities.”

Check out Linzy’s performance in the first round last week, where she sang SES’s “Love” in a duet with another contestant!

Watch “The King of the Masked Singer” below!

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