Dream Wife and Belako Rock Hackney Paper Dress Vintage

10:19 am 23 June 2022

Dream Wife singer Rakel Mjöll told the crowd that it had been a while since they had performed at a venue as “small and sweaty” as Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage, but the atmosphere was good. all the more punk rock.

The band were the UK representation at an Anglo-Espana party which also featured Basque rockers Belako to launch the venue’s partnership with SON Estrella Galicia.

SON – the music arm of the Estrella beer brand – has worked with venues around the world to host live music events. And although the two bands are used to playing venues bigger than the upstairs room of the Mare Street shop, their sound certainly sparked the new adventure with a bang.

Dream Wife, quickly earning a reputation as one of the best live bands on the circuit, embraced the vibe and delivered a one-set freight train – starting with crowd favorite Hey Heartbreaker and keeping up the furious pace. The always captivating Mjöll performed with members of the public on So When You Gonna… before splitting the crowd in half for a mock competition on Sports loaded with irony!

Belako, equally energetic, friends and fans of Dream Wife, provided the perfect opener – delivering hard riffs, funky bass lines and messages of positivity and inclusion. There was room in the dozen tracks for a song in the Basque language, and for singer Cris Lizarraga to invite women to dance in front and later invade the crowd.

Belako performs songs in English and in their native Basque
– Credit: William Mata

The launch party with SON also included beer pouring workshops and the chance to try the Basque delicacy of spicy octopus with potatoes.

Paper Dress Vintage is well known as a hip daytime boutique, but is expanding its nightlife offerings and is expected to host more sold-out concerts in the coming weeks. If future events resemble the launch party, there will be fun times ahead.

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