Double Elvis adds one new and three existing music podcasts to its roster


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DOUBLE ELVIS PRODUCTIONS by JAKE BRENNAN unveiled a new podcast from the members of THE CURE and SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES as well as three existing music podcasts joining the company’s roster.

THE CURE’s LOLTOLHURST and SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES ‘BUDGIE are the hosts of “CURIOUS CREATURES”, a post-punk-focused interview podcast. JAMES MURPHY of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM will be the first guest; the show debuts on OCTOBER 5.

TIM MULLEN’s “WASHED UP EMO”, which releases its 200th episode TODAY (9/29), joins the DOUBLE ELVIS lineup. ANDREW LOOG OLDHAM’s “SOUNDS AND VISION”, with its new season starting OCTOBER 5; and “WOMEN IN HIP HOP WITH JAZZIE BELLE”, with new episodes starting OCTOBER 6.

“There is a direct parallel between the growth of any medium and the need for curation,” said BRADY SADLER, co-founder of DOUBLE ELVIS. “Starting DOUBLE ELVIS with our own originals and selected co-productions has allowed us to really know our audience, helping us to ensure that each new podcast will be relevant to our current fan base, while also allowing us to expand into new genres. . It’s also a win-win for listeners, who now have a one-stop shop for the most dynamic, music-focused stories across many genres.

“The foundation of DOUBLE ELVIS is made up of independent creators, and I know firsthand how difficult it is to go out on your own as a freelance musician,” said BRENNAN, co-founder of DOUBLE ELVIS and host of “DISGRACELAND. “. “We have had great success on both sides when working with designers like ASANTE BLACKK, DANIELLA PERKINS and BOBBY CIUS on ‘HERE COMES THE BREAK’, CHELSEA URSIN on ‘DEAR YOUNG ROCKER’ and NIKKI LYNETTE on ‘ABOUT A GIRL’ . Our goal with this new list of series is to provide support to other independent artists and exposure to like-minded listeners, while ensuring that creators always have full control over their projects. “

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