Crucial Concerts for the Week Ahead: A Legend of Tribute Writing Cindy Walker, Daikaiju, A Giant Dog & Go Fever, Sonic Movidas with Carrie Rodriguez and Temple of Angels – Music


Bubbles in My Beer: A Tribute to Texas Songwriting Legend Cindy Walker

L’ABGB, Thursday 11, 7 p.m.

Sophia Johnson, an English musician drawn to Austin by western swing, can’t remember exactly when she first heard of Cindy Walker.

“My dad is a steel player, so I’ve been listening to Bob Wills for as long as I can remember,” she shares. “If there was a [Wills] song that I liked, I looked for who wrote it – Cindy Walker every time. Do you know that ‘Behind every great man there is a great woman’? “

Born in 1918 near Mart, Texas, the late country song legend’s vast body of work spans from Ray Charles to Willie Nelson. After hosting a tribute to Walker at the 2019 Ameripolitan Awards, Johnson and his Women of Western Swing bandmate Georgia Parker present Bubbles in My Beer, named after Walker’s tearful Texas Playboys in 1947. At ABGB, the WOWS unite Johnson and Parker with Katy Rose Cox, Rose Sinclair and Karen Biller as house group.

“I went to a lot of these tribute concerts, but the house band was always made up of guys,” Johnson said. “It’s really in Cindy’s mind to have an all-female house group with male singers coming up, to reverse the script.”

Guest swing singers include Brennen Leigh, Teri Joyce, Selena Rosanbalm, Candace Hastings, Bob Appel, Blake Whitmire, Meg Bodi, and more. The proceeds go to the SIMS Foundation, which Johnson has used for therapy since moving to Austin in 2015. The guitarist is excited to play the Roy Orbison hits written by Walker, “Dream Baby” and “Goin ‘. Away Party “- one of his father’s favorites. – Rachel Rascoe


Valhalla, Friday 5th

Levitating now in the books for 2021, flashing back to a stunning example of literal levitation during Austin Terror Fest 2019. Riding a primitive Stooges punkgasm, the Kabuki-masked Houston / Austin Daikaiju quartet performed part of their Molotov cocktail on the outstretched arms of the audience, battery included. Once said drums returned to the ground, they set it on fire as the leader ran out the front door with his guitar also ablaze. Most of the jaws never returned from the club’s found objects. ATX first crushes Narrow Haunts. – Raoul Hernandez

A giant dog, go fever

Mohawk, Friday 5th

A Giant Dog has been a band for – can you believe it? – 13 years old so I shouldn’t need to tell you that they put on an exhilarating, passionate, sweaty, wild, emotionally resonant show. What might be some useful info, at this point, is that the punk and glammy rock quintet has a flagship release on deck: a concept yet to be announced on the mythical land of Avalonia. Several of the grandiose songs, teased at a backyard concert in May, are still in my head. Speaking of the best career albums, Go Fever’s recent LP Velvet fist – a composed rock streak fueled by Acey Monaro’s entertaining and powerful thoughts on life and relationships – didn’t go a week without hitting my turntable. Dregs punks garage open. – Kevin Curtin

Sonic Movidas with Carrie Rodriguez

Mexican-American Cultural Center, Saturday 6

Identifying yourself as “Chicano” carries a certain political tone on the pride of its roots and solidarity with its group. So “Americhicana,” the self-talk Carrie Rodriguez uses, makes her a fitting presenter for the 50th anniversary of the UT-Austin Latin Studies program at MACC. In a new series, the violinist and songwriter will present short films specifically about Latinx musicians. In between, and likely throughout, she will also safeguard these Texan cultural treasures – people like Eva Ybarra, an accordionist from San Antonio who learned to play at age 4 in the 1940s, when macho views dissuaded female instrumentalists. It is now known as “La Reina del Acordeón”. Jaime Ospina of Colombian funkmakers Superfónicos and Alex Marrero of rock / funk mixers Brownout have their own episodes, while UT’s Mariachi Ensemble wraps up the night. Ahuevo. -Christine Garcia

Temple of the Angels

Vegas Hotel, Thursday 11

Two well-received cassettes and a little slab of wax to their credit since 2017, the ATX part of the ethereal post-punk / shoegaze quintet Temple of Angels met their LA counterparts on the coast in September to record a long-awaited debut album. A year earlier, the band had shrunk to a duet on YouTube, Bre Morell’s mighty vocals hanging over the clean bridle of a guitar for a recog-worthy version of “If I Could Only Fly” by Blaze Foley, performed live at dusk in an Austin field. The must-see local punks Mujeres Podridas and Breakout round out the trio. – Greg Stitt

Mark Jensen Music Day

Far Out Lounge, Saturday 6

Mark Jenson’s commitment to the community was not an obligation – it was an inspiration. The Austin music propellant and ABGB co-founder, who died unexpectedly in June, exuded dizzying enthusiasm while hosting frequent events to benefit local initiatives and nonprofits. Thus, Mark Jenson Music Fest serves both as a celebration of his life and a reflection of his mission. On stage: All her friends and favorites including Sabrina Ellis of Sweet Spirit, the Ghost Wolves, Wild Bill, Leslie Sisson of Moving Panorama, Corey “Croy” Baum, A. Sinclair and Andy Bianculli of Star Parks. The love begins at noon and a suggested donation of $ 20 goes to Mark’s wife and young sons. – Kevin Curtin

Soul rebels

Friday 5th, Empire control room and garage

The eight-piece NOLA brass institution has collaborated with everyone from Robert Glasper and S. Carey to Big Freedia and Trombone Shorty on Poetry in Motion in 2019.

Shannon shaw

Saturday 6, work of the central machine

The Golden Pipe garage rock singer is steps away from Bay Area Levitation alum the Clams to highlight the “Western Grit” Seager roundup alongside Allah-Las, Shooter Jennings, and more . Doors at noon.

Sudan archives

Sunday 7, Circuit of the Americas

The Los Angeles-raised electro-R & B violinist, raised in Cincinnati, opens for Tame Impala.

Michael C. Sharp

Tuesday 9, during brewing

Synth Vehicles for Guitar from July adds to an already impressive catalog exploring Krautrock, ambient New Age and other Kosmische soundscapes.

Mourning [A] BLKstar

Wednesday 10, Le Far Out

Cleveland’s Afro-futuristic septet mixes soul-jazz / funk, R&B and live electronics under the superlative voice of LaToya Kent.

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