Cavalera Bros. Name their favorite albums when they were teenagers

Max and Iggor Cavalera co-founded Sepultura in Brazil in 1984, influenced by a myriad of different styles popular in rock and metal as well as the underground. Taking us back to those early days, each brother picked out five of their favorite albums when they were teenagers.

There has been a lot of thinking in the Cavalera camp over the past few years, although the brothers have also looked to the future with many releases from each across Soulfly, Killer Be Killed, Go Ahead and Die, Absent in Body, DEAFBRICK, PETBRICK, and more.

It can be hard to keep up with all the goings on lately, especially since not everything is about the studio. Max and Iggor, after a successful tour celebrating Sepultura’s 1996 album anniversary Bloody Roots Roots in 2016, will delve even further into their past on their 2022 US tour (May 22-June 25) which will exclusively feature songs from 1989 Under the remains and 1991 Arisetwo more of Sepultura’s most classic records.

There’s also a new Soulfly album, Totemarriving this summer and, even earlier, is a retrospective box set, The soul remains madwhich brings together the band’s first four studio albums.

Back to the task at hand – a glimpse into the lives of teenage headbangers – Max said he and Iggor grew up with plenty of Italian opera performed in the family home. “My father was Italian and he had a large collection of vinyl albums of Italian operas, but I also found in his collection black sabbath and Led Zeppelin IV“, recalls Max.

Iggor turned to drums from the age of six and noted, “My dad and grandfather played acoustic guitar and sang,” cementing the family’s connection to music in general. “My grandfather was a painter and my mother was a model. Art was in Cavalera’s blood,” Max added.

Still, looting dad’s vinyl selection didn’t satisfy the brothers’ need for harder, heavier music, so they pursued other avenues of musical discovery, from fanzines to record stores, like Iggor mentioned it while Max shouted out two record stores – Woodstock in Sao Paulo and Cogumelo in Belo Horizonte – in particular, the latter of which also served as Sepultura’s first label before signing a deal with Roadrunner Records.

Find out all about the Cavalera brothers’ favorite albums when they were teenagers directly below.

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