BTS’s Suga wants to stay in K-pop group “until I die”

BTS’s Suga shared his future plans as a musician, saying he hopes to stay with the K-pop group “until I die,” according to a recent interview with Vogue Korea.

The artist did not explain his reasons, but added: “I just like BTS”, according to by Soompi translations.

The rapper-producer is behind countless successes for the supergroup, although he denies the possibility of branching out into other K-pop groups in the future. “I am often asked how I would like to try to produce (a band),” he explained. “But I don’t think I would be able to. I don’t have so much responsibility as being responsible for someone else.

Suga also spoke of his hopes of being nominated by BTS for Best Duo / Pop Group Performance for their track ‘Butter’ at the 2022 Grammys: “I have a humble version and a confident version, so which one should I do?” Honestly, I don’t have high expectations, ”he said. “But I think we’ll get it!” “

Earlier this month, the group announced their plans to take time off from live performances and music – marking the group’s first hiatus since 2019. This rest period will provide members of BTS, who have been tireless in their commitment. in their activities, a chance to get inspired again and recharge with creative energy, ”a statement said. “It will also be the first time since their debut (that they will be able to) spend the end of the year holidays with their family.”

But fans won’t have to wait too long for new material. The band members will prepare for a whole “new chapter” – including the release of a new album and an “in person” concert in Seoul in March.

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