Brighton and Hove News “Wonk Unit was in town to support” Uncle Daddy “

WONK UNIT live at Patterns, Brighton 11/21/21 (photo David McLean) (click to view larger image)


Sunday November 21, the first frosty night of this winter sees me at Reasons for OPERATION UNIT – the Croydon punk band so named because everything in their career “goes wrong”.

Promotional photo of Pizzatramp

First, there is the support band Pizzatramp from South Wales – old school hardcore in the style of Black Flag or Discharge but with humorous lyrics reminiscent of Welsh rappers Goldie Lookin ‘Chain, or at least I guess that’s the case between discussions between the songs, because the voice is inaudible on the squeaky guitars. Everything was fun and they even managed to start a mosh pit at the end of their set.

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WONK UNIT live at Patterns, Brighton 11/21/21 (photo David McLean) (click to view larger image)

Adequately prepared audience, OPERATION UNIT arrive on stage with a new album to promote, “Uncle daddy. “ Formed in 2006, Wonk Unit has been instrumental in paving the way for the current resurgence of punk and post-punk, not only in their genre of chorus-singing songs with bittersweet social commentary, but providing early career support niches for groups like IDLES and Slaves. But as these bands have moved on to bigger things, Wonk Unit remains firmly entrenched in the underground punk scene, in part because of this wobbly misfortune, but also the kind of willful darkness that punk bands usually encouraged the first time around. .

Tonight’s set is obviously based on new material from the last album, like the single ‘Disco Fever,’ but old favorites such as ‘My name is Alex’ and “Johnny Rambo” are also deposited.

WONK UNIT live at Glastonwick 2019 (pictured Photograph by Sara-Louise Bowrey) (Click on the photo to enlarge)

WONK UNIT is one of those bands that are much better live than in the studio, thanks in large part to the stage presence of vocalist Alex “Daddy” Wonk, whose slightly surreal stories between songs sound like those of adults with kiddie voices in Haribo commercials.

Keyboardist Vezzy takes over the vocals for a few tracks indicating a slight change of direction for the upcoming band. Wonk Unit gigs always have a chaotic feel, but tonight’s set is glorious chaos from a band who really love their fans who love them back.

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