Best albums of the 2000s: 20 classics that shaped the 2000s

With 9/11 and the “War on Terror” making headlines, the 2000s were a politically turbulent time with more than its fair share of anxiety and disillusionment. Just like decades past, however, countless musicians were on hand to shine brightly in humanity’s darkest times, giving us an assortment of pop, rock and hip-hop that helped unify a world that seemed to be falling apart. The best albums of the 2000s, from artists as diverse as French house pioneers Daft Punk and virtual band Gorillaz, saw genres collide and gave us glimmers of hope and escape as we we needed it the most.

Listen to our Pop playlist hereand discover our best albums from the 2000s below.

20: Missy Elliott: “Miss E… So Addictive” (2001)

As the third album orchestrated by Missy Elliott and super-producer Tim “Timbaland” Moseley, Miss E…so addictive 1997 follow-up Supa Dupa Fly and 1999 The real world, and catapulted the breakthrough star into nightclub notoriety. Largely thanks to original hits such as the bhangra rap banger Get Ur Freak On and a club remix of 4 My People, by house duo Basement Jaxx, the album recorded two million sales after selling 250 000 copies the first week. Blending Elliott’s mind-blowing R&B impulses with Timbaland’s eclectic hip-hop sampling, Miss E…so addictive still stands tall as one of the best albums to emerge from the rap explosion of the early 21st century.

Must hear: Get Ur Freak on

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