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Hovvdy’s True love

Will Taylor deals with melancholy waltzes. Charlie Martin sings dragging choirs. Together, drummers turned songwriters create warm Alex G-style indie rock, a sound that envelops you in folk guitar and vaporous production. On their fourth LP, Andrew Sarlo products True love, Hovvdy goes from the early days of Vibey Pillowcore to their most complete and catchy release to date.

Taylor’s opening lullaby “Sometimes” gives way to Martin’s uplifting title track, where ringing chords ring the singer’s contentment. Bike rides to Tom Thumb and aerial drums on “Everlong” bring nostalgic “Blindside” up to the piano. The centerpiece “Hope” breaks the acoustic charm as the duo’s distorted harmonies and buzzing organ swell. In an album loaded with catchy specifics, the track features some of Martin’s most memorable lines: “I love my nephew Rex / My mom called me crying / Her son is a father. “Soon after, another revelation:”My father is a son. “

This idea permeates work that naturally examines relationships. Taylor’s singles “Around Again” and “Junior Day League” run through a fractured romance. “Memory does Let me take a picture / Turn to me and tell me you’ll remember it“, he sings in the first omen, while the steel of Ben Littlejohn’s pedal gives a subtle twang.”Feel your light fade in me / Turn into a memory“, he sings on the latter, once everything has collapsed. Even in grief, True loveVelvet soundscapes provide welcome comfort. – Carys Anderson

Cherubim ‘ Slo Blo 4 Frnz & Sxy

“Second feature film in the studio since Austin’s triad Kevin Whitley, Owen McMahon and Brent Prager collided in 2014, the untamed exultation of Immaculate High has a history 2 Ynfynyty its refined “, ventured this post-punk in Decibel magazine, 2019. “Hollowed out, dissolute, enthusiastic, Whitely’s voice remains magnetic no matter how distortion piled up on that trash compactor.”

This goes triple for follow up Slo Blo 4 Frnz & Sxy. Ten tracks in 44 minutes, the five sonorous flairs of the first side repeat in flip – slow motion from 45 rpm to 33 rpm. Incorporating his own DJ Screw delineation, the long player calcifies a crackling ensemble of punk groove that represents their audio arc from the grunge creation of 1991 to the State of Distress of 2021.

Magic carpet of bass riffs and rotting airplane hangar (“Die Robbin ‘”), stormy rhythms and cymbal radiance (“A Pair of Pear Tarts”), and unplugged Immaculate High improve “Sooey Pig”, whose jagged smile vibrates a black Ry Cooder roots, SB4FS fracture the earth and the sky.

The B-side of the quicksand turns the first track into a rhino sucked into your sink, the second cut comes across as Dresden after the war, and “Sooey Pig (Sad)” staggers as if the Cherubim’s copy of the lo-fi heart. Skip Spence & Soul Dump Oar veil. – Raoul Hernandez

Rap’s hoodie Genuine, grime and grain.

Feddi Brosevelt could have done the the ChronicleThe cover of “21 Austin Rappers to Know in 2021 ″ on the sheer strength of his solo efforts, but a January playlist featuring producer Chucky Conway on the mic was doubly intrigued. Powerful Duo Now Adding Brosevelt’s Brother Elixer To Their Hoody Rap Stable For Their First Project Authentic, grime and grain. The 22-minute Audiomack exclusive sees the hardened trio deliver bars processed through gritted teeth on a dirty production that is quite reminiscent of the New York collective Griselda. The interludes address the trio’s reaction to making our 21-for-21 story and Elixer inspiring their rap brother. – Derek Udensi

Kimmie Rhodes and Willie Nelson Picture in a frame First vinyl pressing

Once upon a time in the early 2000s, there were two formidable country writing voices who teamed up with Luck, TX to record simple and moving duets. The dancing melodies of Kimmie Rhodes and Willie Nelson, both delicate in different ways, harmonize on the 2003 CDPicture in a frame (named for the indoor covered Tom Waits track). The hidden gem of Austin’s Lubbock-raised cosmic cowgirl career is getting its first vinyl release. Preorders for a redesigned Gold Splatter Juicer remain open until October 10 at The limited edition LP costs $ 30 – a bargain considering the few copies of the CD currently available for $ 40 to $ 100 online.– Rachel Rascoe

Powerful fine: oneAustin city limits Tribute to Walter Hyatt

Walter Hyatt never achieved the recognition his influence reflected, his gentle tenor and house songwriting with Uncle Walt’s favorite band from Austin in the early 1980s and the solo work that followed making him a artist artist. A year after his death in a plane crash in 1996,LCA gathered friends and bandmates to record a tribute episode, ultimately securing an LP release with the handling of four unreleased Hyatt recordings added. Highlights include Willis Alan Ramsey pulling “As the Crow Flies” and exuberant Marcia Ball “Are We There Yet Momma”, while Lyle Lovett and Shawn Colvin duo “Babes in the Woods”, and his comrades David Ball and Champ Hood direct six performances not shown. Powerful though, indeed.– Doug Freeman


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