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Ashley Graham may be a glamorous model, but that doesn’t mean she can’t hang out with an angry crowd. In a recent Instagram post, Graham debuted a punk rock look — and a rebellious attitude to match — complete with fishnets, piercings, spikes, chains, dyed hair and even horn implants. Predictably, the shocking transformation was for a project. But that didn’t stop Graham from fully getting into character, channeling his wild side.

For the shoot, Graham wore a black corseted top with a white rose graphic layered over a long-sleeved fishnet shirt. She paired the top with a Frankenstein skirt that featured a green and blue plaid mini skirt on the right side and a red and blue plaid midi skirt on the left side. Graham layered the skirt over ripped fishnet stockings, wearing Dr. Martens platform combat boots with the look.

Graham, who also strapped on roller skates for parts of the video, heavily accessorized the look with chains, spiked bracelets and a particularly pointed choker with a massive pendant reading “Broken.” The model also wore an extensive collection of fake piercings, including a septum ring, eyebrow ring, multiple nose rings, lip rings, and even a chin ring. Graham debuted intense glamor for the shoot, which featured thin black eyebrows, a graphic black eyeliner look and a gray lipstick pout with black lip liner.

The model topped off the look with a two-tone dyed wig with a short fringe orange front and a mint green length. Graham wore a black and white graphic bandana on his head, breaking up the two polarizing colors.

Perhaps the most notable addition to Graham’s look was the flesh-colored horns protruding from his forehead. The faux horn implants – which of course were drilled – were about 2 inches long and stuck out from Graham’s vibrant bangs.

In the video, Graham is seen posing for a camera in a studio before taking his talents to the streets of New York City. At one point, the model stands on the side of the road, holding a sign that reads “Honk If You Love Ashely Graham.” She then goes to the park where she roller skates away from a man in a suit and plays a light blue electric guitar.

The behind-the-scenes clip was set to Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song “Savage” with the model referencing the lyrics (and the bizarre nature of the video) in the caption.

“No, but actually…” the model wrote, adding, “What’s going on?”

While it’s unclear what the shooting was for, Graham tagged popular alternative online retailer Dolls Kill in his post as well as some high fashion jewelry brands. The star also tagged YouTube in the video post.

When she’s not channeling her punk rock side, Graham is known for her sleek red carpet looks and edgy casual style. Her footwear wardrobe ranges from sporty to elegant with the model often seen in colorful strappy sandals or pointed pumps from luxury brands like Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta and Gianvito Rossi on the red carpet. On the casual side, Graham often relaxes in pointed sneakers from Vans, Adidas and Air Jordan.

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