A conversation with Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, the Devo-ish-inspired synth-punk band from Melbourne


We caught up with the band to talk about their new single, ‘Infinite Growth’, and the corresponding tour.

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice has carved out a unique space for itself in Melbourne’s underground music scene, with sounds reminiscent of the days when synthesizers were seen as alien endeavors in the musical context – a time when bands like Kraftwerk twisted, then rewired the brains with their musical creations and innovations.

Dr Sure’s handcrafted music, fresh and inspired; new wave-punk that isn’t done by a lot of bands in Melbourne, especially now that U-Bahn is no longer together.

Regardless, the quartet has just released a new single, “Infinite Growth,” and will celebrate the new track with a series of performances across the state, starting with a concert at The Evelyn on Friday, July 2, before hitting The Eastern in Ballarat on Saturday July 3, then Geelong’s Barwon Club on Friday June 9 and Lodge Rock in Port Fairy on Saturday July 10.

Prior to the tour, we caught up with Dougal Shaw, frontman of Dr Sure and Marthouse Records, to discuss “Infinite Growth” and other random details. Here is.

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Tell us a bit about your new track, ‘Infinite Growth’. What is the inspiration and the story behind the release?

It is an attempt to reframe capitalist language. Take that idea of ​​perpetual growth and challenge it with things that I think are pretty important, but more or less overlooked in this pocket-sized profit-driven mindset.

Back then, I had a wave of hope that comes and goes pretty fast, so it’s good when you can capture it. I don’t know if this song is quite going to do it, but I remember thinking that we could actually tear it all down and start over.

Dr Sure’s has been a little crazy since the release of his stellar debut album, The west, in 2019. How has the course been in recent years?

Yeah, we got out of some pretty hot blocks. I had been preparing this project for a little while and when I started to put the band together I had already done this album and a bunch of art and music videos along the way. As soon as we got together we started pulling things out and loading along the east coast, I think we did four tours in that first year. Obviously, it all came to a halt shortly thereafter.

This continues to be an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved in the music industry. How has Dr Sure weathered the pandemic and how has the group stayed motivated?

When it first hit I think we still had some residual energy from that first year, I had just recorded the Scomo goes to Hawaii and While Aus Burns EPs, we had just done the first Do you remember the future? sessions and we were asked to do live shows that gave us something weird to poke our heads around.

The longer it went on, the more things we had to cancel – recording plans, European plans – it is definitely starting to weigh on you. I have walked the Merri Creek a lot.

There are whispers of another record on the way – last year’s second installment Do you remember the future? What can listeners expect from Do you remember the future? 2nd volume?

Yes, we were about to record these tracks just before the pandemic hit, so this year we went in and made them as soon as we could, finish this train of thoughts and record it. It continues where the others left off, a bunch of different songs, different styles, but connected by a similar theme.

Do you remember the future? It’s like a seed. It’s like the idea of ​​the old person planting a tree that they can never enjoy. It’s like future shit right there. All of this new age technological life is not about the future, but the present, it is egocentric, it uses fossil fuels and plunders the earth in search of immediate ultimate satisfaction. We have forgotten the future. Planting a seed is some serious future shit.

You were halfway through the recording Do you remember the future? before COVID hits. Would we be right to say that album two had a bit of a rough ride?

Yeah it’s weird the way it’s separate. We certainly didn’t intend to have a year or more of a gap between two halves of a record. But that’s how it is, I think people are pretty open-minded right now, we’ve seen it all. We could have waited for it to stop but I’m glad we just released what we had, it would’ve pissed me off to sit on these songs for so long.

It’s always such a fun project, it’s the first thing we’ve recorded together as a band and following everything live in a room is so satisfying. Technically in two pieces … 16 months apart. I am delighted.

What can bettors expect from your next unique “Infinite Growth” round? Any surprises in store for the shows?

I don’t know what to expect. It’s been touch and go whether or not it happened. It’s looking pretty good at the moment. I think if we can all be in one room together it will be a nice surprise.

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice new single “Infinite Growth” is now available. They will launch the new track at The Evelyn on Friday June 2nd. Buy your tickets here. To learn more about Dr Sure’s, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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