8 Breakout Performing Artists Chosen by The Gunz Show’s Mike Gunzelman

The scene is alive and thriving and one of the greatest champions of all things emo and pop punk has been Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman, host of the The Gunz Show and his new show Who wants to be an Emo millionaire which finds the host testing his subjects by seeing how far their knowledge of the emo genre goes. While trivia focuses on what’s happened before in the genre, we’ve put Gunz to the test to see if he can predict who the next breakout performers will be.

Gunz gave us eight of his favorite numbers that he thinks will be on the tip of your tongue in the next few years, and he offered some top picks. It’s all about sensations, energy and of course, hooks! So see who Gunz chooses as performing artists from the list below.

But before you get to that, be on the lookout for Who wants to be an Emo millionaire. A trailer can be seen below and you can find episodes on The Gunz Show home page. Also, be sure to catch The Gunz Show Going through Tic, Radio Idobi, Spotify and meMelodies.

Now watch the trailer, then head below to see Mike Gunz’s picks for eight breakout performers.

Who wants to become an Emo millionaire? Sizzling reel

  • Atlantic Booth

    Stand Atlantic has been around for a good number of years, but I feel like they finally have their breakout moment. The new album (TO FEAR) is solid and with return tours across the states, the UK and Australia, the band are able to show just how good they can be live. bonny [Fraser]The energy of is big on stage and when it comes to that pop-punk vibe, Stand Atlantic is one of the best and will only get bigger.

    Featured Song: “Hair Out”

  • heart attack man

    I did one of the first Heart Attack Man interviews and have been hooked ever since. HAM have honed their ability to bring casual music fans who may not be familiar with metal or heavy music into this world. They are the perfect combination that resonates among metal and pop rock fans. The live show is just absolute madness – and he’s also one of the funniest and wittiest people to follow Twitter.

    Featured Song: “Pitch Black”

  • Charlotte Sands

    Charlotte is going to be an absolute STAR. You can see it’s already starting to happen – she’s been on The Gunz Show a few times and just ripped it this year. From touring with The Maine to releasing “Loved You A Little” with The Maine and Adam of Taking Back Sunday to an overseas opening slot with My Chemical Romance to an upcoming tour itself – I tell you say it, you will all know who Charlotte Les sables is.

    Featured Song: “Out of My Head” (with Aaron Gillespie)

  • Hot milk

    I saw Hot Milk a few weeks ago in Texas at So What?! Music Festival and was very impressed with the quality of their stage show. The energy is there, the rock is there and they are such an entertaining and fun band to watch. There’s no reason to doubt that won’t continue to happen for them, and I see them only getting better.

    Song Featured: “I Fell In Love With Someone I Shouldn’t Have”

  • Carly Cosgrove

    One of the most requested emerging bands on my radio show The Gunz Show – Carly Cosgrove does it all. The music immediately reminds me of early Get Up Kids and Piebald and being in VFW theaters and seeing hundreds of people going wild at shows. Perfect music to listen to, whether you’re driving or cleaning the house or preplaying with your friends for going out. Big fan. Must listen.

    Featured Song: “The Great Doheny”

  • Children’s pool

    HOOKS. Pool Kids brings the tunes and hooks with some of their choruses that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

    Featured Song: “Arm’s Length”

  • Games we play

    Games We Play is going to be huge. Just a talented musician who has it all – catchy music, fun lyrics and amazing stage presence. I’ve seen him play live a few times and he understands. He managed to captivate and attract an audience that didn’t really know him at first, but by the end he was singing backing vocals and following him on his social media platforms. Big personality, great music, and GWP is another name you’ll all be familiar with by next year.

    Song Featured: “Hope You’re Happy”

  • black varnish

    An important artist and a voice to hear with a beautiful backstory as well as a perfect mix of music. Literally obsessed with BP music lately and played it a lot on my show. I love the incorporation of this raw, passionate music and the diverse sound styles that are heard. No two songs sound the same by Black Polish. Whether you’re 15 or 40, you can be a fan!

    Featured Song: “Soft Killing”

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