5 questions to Rachel McInerney aka Gargoyle Girlfriend


After founding Kaos: Art in the Underground, a monthly creative gathering in C’s basement that hosts art exhibitions, tattoos and live music, in addition to being the lead singer of the post trio -punk Snuff Disco, Rachel McInerney has also recently ventured into the realm of DJing under the nickname Gargoyle Girlfriend playing sets at many top clubs and parties in the city. Here she tells us how she got behind the decks and what she loves about it.

How did you start the dj

“I never intended to become a DJ. I guess at the time I was busy programming beats when my band Snuff Disco started, so I studied percussion a lot and went clubbing with ears outstretched, trying to find inspiration for them. Local DJs. But before I started making music, I was just a reckless dancer on the floor. The community here is so loving. So two guys named Niq and Charley showed me the basics on a CDJ and I was totally hooked. ‘

Photography: 周宁

Where can we find you?

“I don’t have a permanent home yet, but I enjoyed playing Elevator, ALL, Celia, an ALTER. event – and the DMT club in Hangzhou rules. All the clubs offer very different atmospheres and resources, so I will generally adjust my set according to the habitat. Like sometimes fog control and visuals are really important to me.

What are you playing?

“The first club music that really rocked my world at 21 was hard goth EBM. I’ve since moved on to a more tech-house zone with progressive house and trance, always with a disco tinge and sometimes tribal elements – but even so, the tiny little emo undertones are there.


Photography: Courtesy of Rachel McInerney (Kaos: Art in the Underground)

Why do you like it

“What I find magic in DJing is that there are never two DJs who will never play the same stuff and also, the independent tastes that can manifest. A lot of times people come up to me excited after a set and say something like “I NEVER thought I would hear a Joy Division clip at a club”. And I resonate with that feeling. It’s like, wow, I didn’t think clubs could be like this.

Who inspires you?

“I’m really in bands like The Cure, Talking Heads, Interpol, Wolf Parade, and when it comes to electronics, I always come back to Stan Kolev, BICEP, Hozho and Boris Brejcha.”

McInerney’s creative rendezvous Kaos: art in the metro takes place tomorrow Friday 24 at C’s Bar from 8 p.m. Admission, as always, is free.

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