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It no longer has to be the classic way to obtain the necessary financing through a branch bank. The German Association for Consumer Research is testing the best branch banks in the field of pension provision. Many banks, both online and with branches, offer their loans in both directions. If you want a large selection instead and want to research yourself, you can use an online loan. At the present time, this additional option of securing credit is particularly important.

At which bank is a rescheduling recommended?

At which bank is a rescheduling recommended?

You can only find out at which bank a low-interest rescheduling is possible when you compare the offers of the credit institutions. The interest can vary greatly depending on the provider. Opposite you in the computer the basic data of your creditworthiness request and it filter out favorable financial offers. A bank loan offer is useful for rescheduling debts when interest rates are lower than the interest rate of your existing loan contract.

The most favorable interest rates are usually to be reached over the net – on-average loans have on average more favorable terms than those in the branch offices. The reasoning is simple: If you make a loan in the branch office, the bank incurs additional costs for its own team and the bank.

As a result, the bonds can be offered at a favorable interest rate. The direct credit institutions, whose distribution market is above all the medium of the Internet, are far ahead. Increasingly, however, the branches also sell their lending via the network – this is often cheaper than the comparable branch loans. When comparing individual bank financing, you should pay particular attention to the annual percentage of fees, which includes almost all price-sensitive variables.

Mostly, however, you can dispense with a rescheduling on such a backup. As a self-employed or freelancer you should also make sure that the bank grants this section a loan. Due to the relatively uncertain result, there are some institutions that grant them no lending.

Loans Freelance employees of Dundes Bank

Loans Freelance employees of Dundes Bank

The difficulty for a stand-alone loan is also very high at the bank, as usual. In addition, the bank offers a call credit. This loan is slightly more expensive than a conventional installment loan, but also somewhat flexible. Cheaper conditions, however, offer the favorable interest rates of the barrier-free card, which gives the self-employed the highest degree of flexibility.

Recommended are the loans from the company Innsbruck and the company Barbecue, which offer the best conditions for the self-employed. In our loan comparison, self-employed people can get the best conditions from the following banks: With 84-month maturities and a USD 10,000 loan, they are the cheapest providers among the self-employed.

Other exciting questions around the topic of loans for self-employed: Dundes Bank provides business and corporate loans for self-employed workers up to 50,000 USD. The business loan is a bit more expensive, but allows quick and easy decision-making in the course of self-employment. Freelancers, tradespeople, employees and government employees alike can benefit from the conditions of the best current account.

Although the SD-Bank wins the competition, but the bank misses the top 10 and has to deal with the eleven. Finally, the bank can land in the upper third of the test. Thus, there are also services for each individual level of your law firm and the “start in the self-employment”, which is particularly driven here.

The investment loan gives the self-employed “planning certainty through a clear calculation basis and a long-term fixed interest rate” as well as a “fixed interest rate for up to 15 years”. The effective interest rate in percentages per year is offered by the Dundes Bank: Find out about loans for self-employed.


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